Question Darjeeling to Tiger Hill share taxi available?

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We four people are visiting Darjeeling on 24 February. We have booked a taxi for sightseeing but Tiger Hill is not included. When I spoke with the agent he informed me that Tiger is close to the town and is of no use going during the day as Tiger hill is only for Sunrise View.
We are planning to visit Tiger Hill for a Sunrise view on the 25th. Is it possible to go to Tiger Hill from Darjeeling in a shared taxi? If yes what is the fare? Or do I need to hire a taxi?
Yes, people visit Tiger Hill for the sight of an early sunrise. But I would like to add that you can visit Tiger Hill during the day as well. There are no restrictions on visiting Tiger Hills during the day. Yes, visiting early in the morning will be an added bonus to your trip to Darjeeling because Tiger Hill is one of the favorite sunrise points in the Darjeeling Hills.
I am extremely sorry to inform you that there is no direct shared vehicle available that will take you to Tiger Hill from Darjeeling town or any other place. However, if you are really looking for a shared vehicle to go to Tiger Hill, I can suggest this option.

  1. If you're staying in Darjeeling town, you must go to the Dali motor stand.
  2. From there, you will find a vehicle that will drop you off at Jorbunglow. The fare for a shared vehicle is Rs. 30 per head as per today's rate. (22 Jan, 2022)
  3. Once you reach Jorebunglow you have to hire a vehicle that will drop you at Tigere hill. (No shared vehicle is available from here).