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  1. Rohit

    Suggestion Which is the best route to go to Darjeeling from Siliguri?

    If you are visiting Darjeeling Hills for the first time, let me first welcome you to my motherland. I hope you will have a good stay here in Darjeeling. Can anyone suggest me the best route to visit Darjeeling from the plains of Siliguri? Darjeeling can be reached via a variety of routes. The...
  2. Rohit

    Question Darjeeling to Tiger Hill share taxi available?

    Yes, people visit Tiger Hill for the sight of an early sunrise. But I would like to add that you can visit Tiger Hill during the day as well. There are no restrictions on visiting Tiger Hills during the day. Yes, visiting early in the morning will be an added bonus to your trip to Darjeeling...
  3. Rohit

    Question Which is the best university in Darjeeling Hills?

    University of North Bengal is the best university in Darjeeling Hills. The university offers Post graduate course in English, Nepali, Bengali, Political Science, History, Geography, Economics etc.