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  1. Yogen

    Question Why is different places called miles in Darjeeling?

    The term "mile" is often used to describe the distance between different locations in Darjeeling, as it is a common unit of measurement for distance. I think the use of the term "mile" in Darjeeling may have originated during the colonial period, when British units of measurement were commonly...
  2. Yogen

    Question Which is the best university in Darjeeling Hills?

    There are two Universities in Darjeeling Hills. The first and the oldest one is University of North Bengal, abbreviated as NBU and the other is Darjeeling Hills University, abbreviated as DHU. The University of North Bengal is situated in the plains of Siliguri under Darjeeling district in the...
  3. Yogen

    Question Should I visit Darjeeling or Sikkim?

    I hope your plan to visit hill stations during this winter season will turn out to be most pleasing and exciting. As myself hailing from the hills of North Bengal, and Sikkim being very close to my native place, I think I may be able to clear your doubts regarding your visit to Darjeeling and...